There have been a lot of free internet connections nowadays that you can get only by buying something such as a drink in a café. Because it is free, many people are connected to these networks. However, those people are not aware of the security risks that threaten them. Wi-Fi hotspots are not completely safe as there are threats such as computer viruses that lurk and even identity thefts. Thus, it is a must for those of you who want to use such an internet connection to provide protection on your device.

To do so, one of the things you can do is install a free vpn app on your device. All of your data will be protected by this app as it can allow you to surf the internet anonymously. Moreover, the other thing you can do is ensuring network name. Sometimes hackers will create fake Wi-Fi network to attract users any public Wi-Fi networks without realizing. By connecting with a fake network, it can make your tools be in the malicious network. Thus, it is a must for you to be careful.